Sign up and join our movement!



  1. SIGN UP with us (so that we can keep track of the number of participants in our program and provide you with ongoing support).  Click on the SIGN UP PAGE.
  2. Click on the SOURCES FOR TREES tab and decide on where you will GET YOUR TREE
  3. If you need a space to plant your tree - let us know - we have located a planting location for your seedlings.
  4. PLANT YOUR TREE (if you need any information as to how to take care of your tree - CONTACT US or the Community Trees Matter Network 
  5. SPREAD THE WORD!  Post photos of your tree planting on all your social media feeds with a link to our website.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Like and share our postings.  THEN... this is the real fun part - CHALLENGE FRIENDS AND FAMILY to also SIGN UP with us,  plant their trees, and post photos of their tree plantings on their social media feeds.  
  6. HAVE FUN!  You can even name your tree if you want!  An award will be given to the most innovative planting.



  • Much as the strength of a tree relies on a healthy root system to thrive - this movement is dependent on YOU and spreading the word.

  • For each person who commits to planting a tree, they in turn bring in at least two people who will also commit.  Our reach is extended much like the roots of a tree. 

  • Volunteer ambassadors are needed to spread the word via social media postings and other innovative ways friendly to the environment - contact us to volunteer with our team and receive your Welcome Pack including free seedling.



  • Contact us to receive our fundraising kit with a multitude of simple ideas as to how you may raise funds for the organization (so that we can purchase saplings and spread the word).  Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Get some friends together and offer services for "Fall Clean up" in your neighbourhood 
  2. Host a dinner party for friends - guests donate $ to Plant for the
  3. Have a clothes swap with friends - everybody pays a fee to attend and brings a bag of clothes


Our launch took place on National Tree Day, September 25, 2019 in Victoria, B.C.

Since inception in mid August we have been instrumental in the planting of 450 trees and will continue our efforts to encourage individual plantings by volunteers in our community (in their back yards, and using space on patios and balconies).  

In addition we will help you find homes for seedlings in designated urban planting areas.

Our plan is to start in Victoria B.C., move to other parts of the province and later nationally by collaborating with existing non -profits and NGO's operating across the country.

If you are reading this and do not live in Victoria, BC., please contact us to see how you can get started in your area.